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Paladins Console Beta Review

Paladins Console Beta Review

Paladins is a free to play hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studios, who created games like Smite, Global Agenda, and Trials Ascend. Paladins name is derived from the historical figure, Charlemange’s Court known as the Paladins or also know as the Twelve Peers.

Paladins takes a different approach to the hero shooter genre that has been dominated by Overwath for the past year. Paladins uses a free to play model which is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Paladins uses a card loadout system to strengthen and put more emphasis on certain character abilites. Cards can be rewarded via loot chest or purchased using one of the three in-game currencies called Essence. Paladins also improves on weakness of Overwatch which is travel time to get back into battle. Paladin uses horses or what they call mounts to get you back into the action as soon as possible, which I think is something Overwatch needs to get from base respawn point back into where the action is. Unlike its competitor Overwatch, Paladins shooting mechanics feel like you really hit your target and its feels like you are doing damage to the opposing side. Where as in Overwatch I feel majority of my shoots miss or don’t hit my opponents at all.  Paladins character customization are very interchangable from changing the head, body, even the weapons your character holds, and your mounts. Paladins also has the usual emotes, voice packs, sprays, and poses like Overwatch. There are some similaraties in characters to Overwatch like Paladins Lex being the equivalent to Overwatch’s Reaper and Paladins Viktor and Overwatch’s Soldier 76.

Paladin beta does have some glitches here and there but nothing that’s truly game breaking, it is the beta so there is still time for improvements. Paladin’s shooting mechanics feel like you are truly making a difference and the card loadout system give you something to shoot with getting the best build for your characters and not just the focus of leveling your character  and looking different from the next player. Paladins looks very promising and if a strong community gets around it, it could be what Battleborn was trying to be to Overwatch which is a strong second option in the hero shooter genre.